In Mandinka, the most widely spoken language in The Gambia, Baluo means “Future” – something that young Gambians often don’t see in their own country. Seeing no hope of a future in The Gambia, and thinking it’s their only choice, many undertake the dangerous and sometimes fatal journey to Europe.

We want to help by setting up small-scale businesses, accompanying them while they are setting up and, whenever possible, helping them to become independent. At the same time, our charity also organizes the onsite training of apprentices, and arranges regular exchange programs with Swiss professionals, to further the workers’ skills.

The goal is for young Gambians to learn a trade, so that they can then earn a living in their own country.

The project was first started by the Swiss Gambian married couple Foday and Martina Alig Ceesay in 2008, with the opening of a bakery in Gambia. Since 2012, it has been provided with financial and non-material support from members of the Baluo charitable organisation.